Our Matirung and Ageing Cellar

At BEEE we needed a space where we could observe how our cheese intensified its hue and value, expressing its best organoleptic characteristics of flavour, texture, aroma and colour. A laboratory where ideas and facts cohabit, a place where the master artisan affineurs (maturers) have the best conditions and means to hand to express the excellence of the BEEE cheese.

At BEEE I QLAB no efforts have been spared to achieve a space where we can pamper our cheese, in its decisive maturing and refining phase, as well as carrying out engaging innovator measures in this ancestral universe which the preparation of artisan raw milk cheese implies.

Using the old walls, we have panelled and later covered them with artisan baked clay brick and lime mortar and desalinated sand, installing sophisticated systems to control temperature, humidity and air renewal; inside, the cheese rest and mature in dim light on rough unhewn wooden shelves of Jura spruce traditionally used in the French DOP of Compté and Reblochon, in an atmosphere that promotes and maintains our biological flora in equilibrium, the true BEEE treasure.

A laboratory of calm – of restricted access – where the combination of traditional materials and streamlined technological systems permit the maximum expression of the values of our cheese.

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