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BEEE is the name of the BIOGEMINIS products, an initiative devoted exclusively to obtaining fresh, ecological pure breed Murcian-Granadian goat's milk with which we could prepare top quality yoghurt, cheese and kefir and with ecological certificate, in addition to an excellent milk.

BEEE sustains its methodology on four basic colums:

Care for the countryside and its natural environment

considering our estate as a living organism, where we tender the harmonic and sustainable inter-relation of all the entities that cohabit (plant, animal, human ecosystem and production) fostering a cyclic and sustainable development.

A careful selection of goats of pure native breed -Murcian Granadine-

without dehorning, raised daily in our woodland and meadows, fed on our fodder (cereals, pulses and native flora) fertilised with the organic matter composted from the actual herd. Bred in semi-freedom, in harmony with the other wildlife found on our estate.

An excellent human team

duly training and highly specialised, made up of persons from our local environment, who perform their professional tasks in a meticulous context of social and corporate responsibility where respect has preference, continuing training, individual development and curricular evolution, equality of gender and the promotion of harmonic inter-personal interactions.

A painstaking productive model

focused on continuing reinvestment and a meticulous procedural methodology performed at suitable technological updated facilities and subject to high hygiene-health standards which allow us to comprehensively keep track of the raw material and the intermediary preparations and the end product. All this from the start of our goats' life cycle to the packing and delivery of the end product, applying the minimum possible processing, to guarantee the traditional flavours, freshness and genuineness of our products.

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