In implementation of its communication, inter-action and continuing training policy, BIOGÉMINIS  offers a specific, luminous, impeccably decorated multi-functional space equipped with the multimedia resources and necessary ancillary services for its optimum use in communicational events: meetings, training, presentations, tastings, celebrations, etc., both internally and for outdoor use.

BEEE I SPACE is located within the facilities of our Estate El Campillo, annex to the maturing and ageing cave, in an environment set in the very green heart of Moratalla, surrounded by 40 hectares of cereals and pulses and more than 250 Mediterranean mountain.

BEEE I SPACE offers splendid functional conditions and all the necessary quality services to celebrate inter-active meetings; it has accommodation for 25 people and comfortable and attractive hotel and hostel services, for the events to be implemented in a brilliant, pleasant and efficient way.

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